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Participating providers gain the following with MiCARE:

Our platform is designed to allow you to focus on your patient during the encounter and be assured that they will receive a concierge patient experience throughout their road to recovery.

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MiCARE’s Provider Services

MiCARE supports your office and staff so you can provide the best care to your injury patients without the pitfalls that have proven to be problematic in serving them. From scheduling new patients through the payment of their bills, MiCARE can help your services be more patient-focused, outcome-driven and integrated across our network.

Injury victims face many challenges navigating a complicated and fragmented health care system. Between co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, many patients also deal with cultural and language barriers during their recovery. This prevents too many patients from receiving the care they deserve.

These constraints also create a burdensome process for hospitals, emergency rooms, physician groups, and clinics. When patients leave the ER, many do so without the resources needed to follow up with their care. So law firms, chiropractors, and other secondary care providers then send injury victims to other medical professionals outside of the original hospital network or physician group. This disconnect causes the gaps and delays that hinder a patient’s recovery.

MiCARE assists participating providers with improving this fragmented process. By utilizing data, analytics, technology and services, MiCARE creates an integrated care system that places the patient at the center of care and yields optimal outcomes for patients and providers.

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We do not share your contact information or your health information with any third party unless you provide us the consent to share your information with other professionals working with you, such as healthcare providers and attorneys.