MiCARE provides solutions for patients seeking care.

Dedicated to maximizing the value of your claim and facilitating your recovery

MiCARE Helps Patients

  • Imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CTs, etc.)
  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Surgeries (orthopedics, neurosurgery, ENT, podiatry, plastic surgery, etc.)
  • Brain Trauma (concussion syndrome, TBI/mTBI,
  • Cognitive Treatment, etc.)
  • Psychology,
  • Neuropsychology (anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

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About MiCARE’s Patient Services

MiCARE helps injured patients and healthcare providers work together to achieve the highest levels of medical care after an accident. MiCARE uses a managed care approach to efficiently manage the care of injury victims. Patients often face a common dilemma when seeking medical help after an accident: upon leaving the Emergency Room, they are forced to navigate an often confusing and unfriendly health care system, constraints associated with co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, as well as cultural and language barriers during their recovery, making it difficult to obtain the care they need. The process is further complicated by factors such as insurance denials, uninsured and underinsured patients. Finally, injury victims now have access to affordable and quality care. MiCARE raises the bar when it comes to injury patients, creating a system that is focused on patients and their treatment, therefore optimizing clinical outcomes. A system where coordination of care is the standard of care, where best practices of medicine and AMA guidelines guide treatment. MiCARE was designed to provide injury patients the most comprehensive healthcare options after an accident, without any financial stress.

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MiCARE is HIPAA compliant. That means all the information that you share with us stays with us.

We do not share your contact information or your health information with any third party unless you provide us the consent to share your information with other professionals working with you, such as healthcare providers and attorneys.