MiCARE works with patients, law firms, and healthcare providers to provide compassionate care, without financial stress.

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How Can We Provide Service?

Are you either an injury patient, law firm, or healthcare provider? MiCARE ensures that each patient receives compassionate care in an expeditious manner.  Quicker recovery and settlement times. Choose the appropriate link below for more information.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBI: What You Need to Know Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. More than 2.5 million Americans suffer a TBI each year, with approximately 250,000 of those injuries falling into the [...]


MiCARE Cares Initiative

Why MiCARE Cares MiCARE Network created MiCARE CARES as an initiative to help medical providers in Utah and Arizona who need working capital now. MiCARE Network is a medical management company, but we understand that there are businesses who are seeing significant losses in [...]


Patient Solutions

Injury Patients MiCARE provides injury patients the most comprehensive healthcare options after an accident, without any financial stress. Did you know your health insurance has restrictions, including denying any coverage when you are in an accident? What should you do if your family [...]


Law Firm Solutions

Law Firms MiCARE provides law firms the transparency, tools and solutions missing in order for PI attorneys to focus on what matters most: the injured victim. MiCARE focuses on Outcomes: Optimize clinical outcomes sooner, and objectively maximize the value of the claim, all within [...]


Provider and Hospital Solutions

Healthcare Providers As an injury provider, you can offer an additional service to your current patient panel without any startup costs or additional staffing needs. MiCARE supports your office and staff to allow for the best care for injured patients without the pitfalls that have [...]


Chiropractic Program

Chiropractic Program Chiropractic physicians function as the Primary Care Provider for the injuries of PI victims. With MiCARE, Chiropractic Physicians can focus on patient care, coordination of care and clinical outcomes. With MiCARE, you can also increase patient flow, patient retention and claim reimbursement. [...]


Patient Retention Program

Patient Retention Program Increase patient flow volume.  Retain existing patients who suffer injures.  MiCARE supports local practices to ensure patient care does not suffer and that providers obtain payment promptly. Get in touch for more options and to discuss how we can work together [...]