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Law Firms

MiCARE provides law firms the transparency, tools and solutions missing in order for PI attorneys to focus on what matters most: the injured victim.

MiCARE focuses on Outcomes: Optimize clinical outcomes sooner, and objectively maximize the value of the claim, all within a single point of contact. With a single call you introduce your clients to a comprehensive network of medical experts who understand trauma and injury management. And with a single call at the end of the process, you finalize and settle dozens of provider and facility encounters and dozens of medical bills.

  • Did you know that one of the biggest problems in a plaintiff’s case starts with delays and gaps in care?

  • Did you know that most PI victims do not have the care management, coordination of care nor clinical outcome goals that most other patients have from their medical team?

  • Did you know that fraud, waste and abuse is a real national problem when it comes to the delivery of care to PI victims?

  • Did you know that settlement times are delayed because of the burdensome process to collect records and bills, to obtain payoffs, to negotiate settlement amounts with dozens of different doctors and facilities, because of nightmare subrogation rights from insurances (medicare, medicaid, tricare, ERISA plans, managed care, etc.?

MiCARE Makes Affordable and Quality Care Possible

With MiCARE, injury victims finally have access to affordable and quality care. MiCARE raises the bar when it comes to injury patients, creating a system that is focused on patients and their treatment, therefore optimizing clinical outcomes. A system where coordination of care is the standard of care, where medical necessity, best practices of medicine and AMA guidelines guide care.


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