For Personal Injury Law Firms and Healthcare Providers…

Stop the Busy Work!

Your Time is Valuable: What If You Had a Partner To “Quarterback” Your Cases On Your Behalf?

Here’s a simple idea that makes your life easier and takes the workload off your plate when it comes to managing your cases and navigating medical challenges.

No Risk

No cost to you (in fact, you save time and money)

Benefit from our Care Management & Industry Expertise

MiCare partners with attorneys and healthcare providers, bridging the gap between the two to ensure that the patient has what they need, when they need it.

That means:

No gaps in care – we ensure the patient will get the care the medical provider recommends. ***Note: We do NOT dictate care, we leave that to the medical providers.

Give us the leg work – we’ll send the reminder emails, make the back-and-forth calls, schedule (& reschedule) appointments so your paralegals don’t have to

Can the patient get there? Of course! We make sure the patient has transportation to arrive to their appointments on time and receive the treatment they need

We manage the records (including both previous and current meds, bills, and more)

How Can MiCare Help You?

We’ve already managed hundreds of cases for law firms and healthcare providers across Utah and Arizona. As a MiCare partner, you benefit from…

Our Care Management, which includes:




Appointment reminders

Records Management


And More

Our Industry Expertise, with specialization in:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

ML and Intelligent Case Management Software

Intelligent Risk Assessment (including both risk & claim analysis)

MiCare Analysis

Expert Witnesses

And More

Think We Can Help You Too?

A partnership with MiCare can benefit your firm or practice by increasing your bandwidth and saving you time and money. To learn how, just leave your information below and expect our call.


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