Innovative Utah Startup is Transforming How Healthcare is Delivered to Communities

SOUTH JORDAN, UT – MiCARE Network announces the addition of Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla as its Chief Operations Officer and Partner. She joins Founder and CEO John Robledo-Dunn, Co-Founder and CLO Alaina Neumeyer, and Co-Founder and President Duvan Botero in leading the growth and operations of MiCARE Network, a Utah-based healthcare startup focused on innovative solutions to care management. “I am very excited to be joining a startup that truly reflects who we are as a state, focusing on entrepreneurship and opportunity,” expressed Luz. “I’m looking forward to improving the outcomes of the many patients MiCARE serves.”

In addition to her extensive business background, which includes 14 years of experience with Zions Bank, where she most recently served as Vice President of Community Development, and previously serving as Director of the State Office of Ethnic Affairs, Escamilla brings 12 years of legislative experience in the Utah State Senate where she currently serves as Minority Whip.

In less than two years, MiCARE has grown from a 3-employee startup in Robledo-Dunn’s basement to a 30+ team-member, and growing, company seeking to innovate the healthcare experience. “MiCARE raises the bar in how healthcare is introduced and delivered to at-risk populations, improving the health impact on at-risk communities by working to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse,” said Robledo-Dunn, CEO. “We are patient focused and deliver integrous and compassionate services.”

MiCARE is a category opener tech startup playing a disruptive role in the care management process of patients, providing them with the most comprehensive and cost-effective care management options. It does this by reducing fragmentation and improving the treatment of those most vulnerable, including under-insured communities, after an accident without any financial stress, effectively reducing the barriers to medical care. By utilizing technology in the care management process, MiCARE has developed novel solutions in Workers’ Compensation, self-pay, managed care, and other injury scenarios, thus innovating the future of patient experience and healthcare outcomes.

“I am very excited that Luz has agreed to lead our organization into the future. Her high integrity, moral compass, and values perfectly align with the culture and vision that MiCARE’s founding team placed as a cornerstone for our business,” states Robledo-Dunn.