The Intersection of Patients, Law Firms, & Healthcare Providers

MiCARE provides and delivers the quickest way to patient care and recovery. Our vetted network of lawyers and healthcare providers work together to optimize the value of the claim, and capture the services required with one goal:

A happier and healthier patient.

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John Robledo Dunn
John Robledo DunnFounder & CEO
Alaina Neumeyer
Alaina NeumeyerCo-Founder & CLO
Duvan Botero
Duvan BoteroPresident & Co-Founder
Luz Escamilla
Luz EscamillaCOO
Eli Jimenez
Eli JimenezCIO
Juan Carlos Escamilla
Juan Carlos EscamillaCSGRO
Gabriel Robledo
Gabriel RobledoDirector of Operations
Bianca Barba
Bianca BarbaDirector of Finance
Heidi Gonzalez
Heidi GonzalezDirector of Underwriting
Heather Galluzzo, Esq.
Heather Galluzzo, Esq.Director of Legal Affairs
Kim Orndorff
Kim OrndorffBrain Trauma Program Director
Katy Keane, RN, BSN
Katy Keane, RN, BSNDirector of Patient & Medical Services

Experts That Care

MiCARE Network is a category opener Start Up, playing a disruptive role in the Medical Management process in the Personal Injury industry. MiCARE is Patient Focused, and works hard in extending the maximum benefits available for everyone including under-represented and under-served communities. We maximize clinical outcomes for patients, while objectively maximizing the value of the medical case.


    MiCARE provides injury patients the most comprehensive healthcare options after an accident, without any financial stress.


    MiCARE provides law firms the transparency, tools and solutions missing in order for PI attorneys to focus on what matters most: the injured victim. MiCARE focuses on Outcomes: Optimize clinical outcomes sooner, and objectively maximize the value of the claim, all within a single point of contact.

    With a single call you introduce your clients to a comprehensive network of medical experts who understand trauma and injury management. And with a single call at the end of the process, you finalize and settle dozens of provider and facility encounters and dozens of medical bills.


    As an injury provider, you can offer an additional service to your current patient panel without any startup costs or additional staffing needs.

    MiCARE supports your office and staff to allow for the best care for injured patients without the pitfalls that have proven to be problematic in serving injured patients. Our support starts at scheduling new patients all the way through payment for the bills.

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MiCARE Values Your Health

MiCARE ensures that each patient receives compassionate care in a timely manner.  We work with both law firms and healthcare providers to provide quicker recovery and settlement times.

A new era of collaboration at the epicenter of patient, law, and healthcare.

We promise to find you the care you need, when you need it, without financial stress.

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